MOTHER & MUSE collection aims to redefine traditional notions of motherhood, made possible thanks to a Kickstarter project, the crowd-funding platform. The mothers you see in these paintings are role models to us all, they have remained true to themselves and have pursued their goals, and that is a mindset worth sharing. 

My aim is to continue building this collection by creating art dedicated to encouraging women to lean into their lives, to be role models to their kids and to aim high. 

To all Kickstarter Supporters, Muses, Sponsors, Friends and made this happen.

MOTHER & MUSE Project launched in Madrid on March 17th 2016.  I was an amazing success thanks to the many people who collaborated and helped out. 

The collection left for London in June 2016 to the STEPHANIE HOPPEN Gallery and has now transitioned to the REBECCA HOSSACK Gallery located in both London and New York.